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Welcome to the BibleMapper wiki


This wiki is intended for users of the Bible Mapper program. For now, there are two main areas:

  • Support: Use this section to ask questions, provide assistance to those requesting it, and offer suggestions on the use of Bible Mapper.
  • Tutorials: Various guides and videos helping you to learn how to use Bible Mapper.
  • Map Sharing: Since Bible Mapper allows for the creation of copyright-free maps, share yours here.


Anyone can read this wiki and download files, but in order to post questions or comments or share files on this wiki, note that you will have to:

  1. Create a free pbwiki account (look for the link at the top right) and then return to this wiki
  2. Click on "Contact the owner" at the bottom of this page and ask for permission to become a "Writer" on this wiki.


Please note that "Writers" have considerable privileges for editing this site. Do no harm! I will try to keep this site as functional as possible, but I cannot assume liability for any actions of malacious users. Should there be a problem, I will remove privileges for such users.


Look to the SideBar on the right to navigate the site.

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Comments (11)

Franklin Pierce said

at 12:35 pm on Jan 28, 2009


Richard Roddenberry said

at 3:19 pm on Sep 14, 2009

Once I down Load a map from this site and have it on Bible Map 3.0 How then can I save it to a version ie picture, art etc that can be used in powerpoint. I have the registration key and user id.
I am brand new at using this.
Please email me with some suggestions
richard rodstars@earthlink.net

Tim Bulkeley said

at 4:13 pm on Sep 14, 2009

The |File| menu |Export Bitmap| choice does what you need.

To edit it (rather than just iuse it in PPT) you would need graphics software, also BMP files are big, so to put the file on the web or email it you would need to convert it to JPG...

Tim Bulkeley said

at 4:18 pm on Sep 14, 2009

PS for onscreen you can use the Low Resolution option which will make the file smaller.

Lorrie said

at 8:15 pm on Jan 12, 2010

Hi. I'm new and I've just bought version 4. I don't have my key yet, but I need to do a map of Elijah's travels for next week's Bible study. I've been googling the terms "Elijah's travels" and haven't found much to help me. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can start? I don't even know how to do a map, but I will do the tutorials.

Dale A. Brueggemann said

at 8:45 pm on May 25, 2010

I'm getting ready to make maps for a book-length project, which prompts these questions:
(1) How do I do something like a "template" setup so that all my maps have the same look and feel for fonts, sizing, and terrain shading?
(2) What's the best size to export them so that when I size them for the placement on the page, the fonts stay regular. For example, I'll often be making maps that are about 3" across, sometimes more like about 5" across. How do I avoid my fonts in the 3" version being smaller by 3/5 than they are in the 5" version?
(3) How do I avoid increasing the density of the fills by the proportion that I shrink to fit my sizing? This wouldn't be a factor in vector art, but it seems like in raster art, sizing down will darken background, and sizing up would lighten it. And perhaps I might even run into a problem with moire patterns for the same reason.

Bob Sarrett said

at 9:32 pm on May 25, 2010

I am new to Bible Mapper 4, but I was recently trying to create some exported images to use in a PowerPoint presentation on Acts 13 & 14 using the template for Paul's First Journey. I wanted a larger image of the island of Cyprus, but every time I zoomed in to get the size I wanted the labels became smaller and their position moved to the left side of the island. To get around that issue, I set a frame around the area that I wanted to use and set the zoom level to where the "labels" appeared as I desired. After exporting the bitmap and imported it into PowerPoint, I cropped the image and adjusted the size of the image (using a percentage). Everything looked great and the text also adjusted proportionally. Also note that I exported the image using the highest possible resolution.

Don said

at 1:34 pm on May 14, 2012

I have tried to get a registration key for version 3 to try out before I purchase version 4, but my email to bibmapsupport3 @biblemapper.com was returned as not deliverable. I tried bibmapsupport4 and got the same result. Has the address changed?

Rudolf said

at 1:16 pm on Dec 11, 2013

Where can I ask questions and get answers re. Localization?
I'm a registered user of BibleMapper4.4 and can't open the BibleMapperLocalize.txt that should contain the English names to be localized. All my created files, including this txt files, show up with a lock in the BibleMapper's browser. The136KB BibleMapperLocalize.txt files seem to be stored in StockMaps-v4 but I can't open them to fill in the translation.
What do I have to do?

Rudolf said

at 7:12 am on Dec 12, 2013

OK, searching my computer I found the BibleMapperLocalize.txt not in the program'sl StockMaps-v4 folder but in an identical StockMaps-v4 one.

Now I'm wondering if I can get a shorter list to localize - covering only the few names of my maps?
Any suggestion?

Dennis Audet said

at 2:50 pm on Apr 28, 2015

I have a very naive question. I have not been here for a few years. I have a registration key from back then ~ 1/2009. Would that registration key work for the current version 4.5 which I have just downloaded to my new computer?

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